These songs tell the story of a May-December relationship from the man's point of view. We see at first (It Ain't Broke) that he is experienced and self-confident, accustomed to being up to any task. But now he's reached an age when women no longer pay attention to him as they used to (Invisible Man). He meets a much younger woman who seems genuinely interested in him, but he is skeptical and defensive (Don't Toy With Me) – this can't be true. But when he rebuffs her, and sees how much she's hurt (What Would You Be Doing?), he decides to give it a try. Soon he is warming to the possibilities and remembering how different life with a partner can be (I Could Get Used to This). By the middle of the story he is in love and doesn't want it to end (Don't). But now that they're together, he sees that she needs to stay connected to her friends as well as spend her time with him (After I'm Gone) – he's aware that he's likely to die first, and she'll have a long life without him. But when she takes him up on the offer, he finds himself insecure and suspicious of her male friends (Has He Got a Name?). Since she's done nothing wrong, he sees that it's a problem he's created and must face (The Problem is Me), so he recommits himself, and for a time they enjoy a renewed happiness (Second Wind), until she suddenly becomes gravely ill (Closer to the Bone). In the last song (Time Heals Nothing), he's reduced to despair after her untimely death.